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Stale? Or acceptable? One way to assess the shelf-life of bread is to use simple and subjective sensory evaluation (does it feel right in the hand and mouth).

The texture of meat is its single most influencing quality factor. Using a computer-controlled texture analyzer we explain how the consumer evaluates the quality of such a product, in this example, a hot-dog sausage.

If you want to know the crunchiness of a pickle—bite it. Expert testers are relied on throughout the food industry, but can you objectively quantify crunchiness, and use this to assure product consistency, or improve manufacture?

As consumers’ diets change, for ethical or health reasons (by choice or recommended), food producers are faced with the challenge of meeting the new requirements, whilst often striving to preserve the established texture.

Gels are commonly used within the food industry as it is an extremely versatile and effectively processed ingredient. Gels as a thickener, binding agent, adhesive property, stabilizer and whipping agent among other functions.

A processor of meat products was looking for a way to better control its outgoing product. Current methods involve simple visual inspections and are very subjective.

Horticulture Research Station wanted a precision penetrometer for hardness testing of different varieties of apple during plant breeding trials. Flexibility for future test configurations were also a requirement.

Most pea processors pay their growers based on the Tenderometer value of the peas delivered to the processing plant. A Tenderometer Unit is a direct measure of the maturity and quality of the raw product being supplied, analysed in bulk.

End-on or side-on? A flock of mischievous chicks gain control of a food texture analyzer to determine which way to crack a chocolate Easter egg – longitudinally or transversely. SPOILER ALERT: With sticky consequences, but a happy [Easter] ending.

Using a computer-controlled texture analyzer we explain how the consumer evaluates the quality of products which are described as rich and creamy and show a back extrusion test method to measure the properties which determine this texture.