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Avocado (Frozen, Diced) Bulk Firmness Testing by Bulk Analysis Method

Some test applications require that custom methods be developed outside the normal range of FTC accessories.

This particular method required that a custom bulk extrusion cylinder and plunger setup be created, as in order to compress small pieces of sample in a consistent manner, the product as a whole had to be contained. By developing this custom method, the client was able to consistently and repeatedly measure the firmness of their product.

The test setup was a sample cup that was 3.5” to hold the product and a 3.25” compression plate.

Each test replication involved compressing a set mass of product to a certain distance from the bottom of the sample.

At the conclusion of each replication, the TL Po software calculates the firmness of the sample.

Food Technology Systems: TMS-Pro Computer Controlled and Touch Controlled Texture Analyzers

Case Study: Frozen Avocado Firmness

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The University of Arizona’s Nutritional Sciences Food Lab acquired a Texture Analyzer from Food Technologies about 5 years ago. The company has a great product, which is tailored to food needs. 

We have used the Texture Analyzer for both research projects and as a tool to demonstrate to students how food manufacturers can employ objective testing in product evaluation to show how differing ingredients in the same product can affect quality attributes. Its use adds another dimension to the foods labs.

Drew Lambert has been instrumental in helping with set up for testing and providing support whenever there’s a question. He has been a pleasure to work with and is always accommodating with our needs and schedules.  He has even sent us special attachments for special projects.  We couldn’t ask for a better technical support.  Thanks for a great product and great service.

Patricia Sparks, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Practice

At the University of Saskatchewan, we are the proud owners of three generations of Food Technology Corporation texture equipment, all of which are still in working condition.

We are looking forward to future innovations from FTC.



Phyllis J. Shand, University of Saskatchewan - Canada

I have been working with FTC for the past 3 years, we bought in that lapse of time 2 texture analyzers with different probes fixtures for all kind of applications at our Monterrey Plant. We have always been able to count on the technical support of FTC who kindly answers our requests in a prompt manner and with the best disposition.

As we continue developing our process to achieve better results at our company, we will for sure rely on FTC for technical support and equipment upgrades that will deliver us the best possible results.

Claudia Rojas, Hershey Monterrey Plant - Mexico
Asst. Staff Scientist

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