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Our bulk analysis testing capabilities

Pretzel Hardness Testing by Kramer Shear Cell Method

Due to the variation in size, shape, and makeup of individual snacks; pretzels make an ideal product to be tested in bulk with the Kramer shear cell, when evaluating their hardness. Instead of testing a single pretzel, the shear cell allows for multiple pieces to be tested at the same time.

Pasta Firmness Bulk Analysis Testing by Kramer Shear Method

The Kramer shear cell is one of the widely used methods in the food texture testing. The primary benefit is more consistent and repeatable results due to the increased sample size. It also allows the product to be tested as the sum of its parts instead of on a piece to piece basis.

Caramels Bulk Hardness Testing by Cup and Plunger Compression Method

Some products are more easily tested in a bulk form, meaning several pieces are tested at once instead of just one piece at a time. A better overal view of batch quality is also obtained.

For this test, samples were weighed and then placed in the sample cup of the universal cell. Then a plunger moved down and compressed the sample to a set distance from the base of the cup.

Chicken Patty Bulk Analysis Firmness Testing by Kramer Shear Cell Method

Ground and reformed meat products are often tested with the Kramer Shear Cell. The shear is ideal because its design allows the fixture to take into account the variation that is inherent in ground reconstituted meat products.

Cottage Cheese Curd Firmness Testing by Kramer Shear Cell Method

One of the key quality attributes of cottage cheese is the firmness of the curds. Processing companies have determined that different geographic locations prefer varying curd firmness. Because of this, they process based on where the product will ultimately be sold.