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Our bulk analysis testing capabilities

Pasta Firmness Bulk Analysis Testing by Kramer Shear Method

The Kramer shear cell is one of the widely used methods in the food texture testing. The primary benefit is more consistent and repeatable results due to the increased sample size. It also allows the product to be tested as the sum of its parts instead of on a piece to piece basis.

Pretzel Hardness Testing by Kramer Shear Cell Method

Due to the variation in size, shape, and makeup of individual snacks; pretzels make an ideal product to be tested in bulk with the Kramer shear cell, when evaluating their hardness. Instead of testing a single pretzel, the shear cell allows for multiple pieces to be tested at the same time.

Rice Bulk Firmness Testing by Kramer Cell Shear Method

Many foods, such as rice are consumed as a whole instead of on an individual piece by piece basis.

It only makes sense to test them in a similar manner. Using the Kramer Shear Cell allows the product to be tested in this bulk form. For the test, the rice was first prepared according to the instructions on the packaging.

Yeast Block Firmness Testing by Cylinder Probe Penetration Method

For some products, such as yeast blocks, the way a product fractures under stress is key quality trait. This is often referred to as the fracturability of a product.

While this is not a trait that can be directly measured, it can be extrapolated by looking at both the firmness of the sample and the work that is done to penetrate  the yeast, using a probe fixture, to a certain depth. These values can then be correlated to the traditional sensory data.

Corn (Sweet Corn) Firmness Testing by Kramer Shear Cell Bulk Method

Sweet Corn is a suitable product to analyze using a Kramer shear cell. It does not make sense to test individual kernels as it is rarely consumed this way. Additionally, the time and number of replications that would be needed to gain relevant statistical data.