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Cheese Firmness Comparison

As consumers’ diets change, for ethical or health reasons (by choice or recommended), food producers are faced with the challenge of meeting the new requirements, whilst often striving to preserve the established texture.

Bread Shelf Life

Stale? Or acceptable? One way to assess the shelf-life of bread is to use simple and subjective sensory evaluation (does it feel right in the hand and mouth).

Gelatin bloom strength test



Gels are commonly used within the food industry as it is an extremely versatile and effectively processed ingredient. Gels as a thickener, binding agent, adhesive property, stabilizer and whipping agent among other functions.

Easter Eggs



End-on or side-on? A flock of mischievous chicks gain control of a food texture analyzer to determine which way to crack a chocolate Easter egg – longitudinally or transversely. SPOILER ALERT: With sticky consequences, but a happy [Easter] ending.

Cosmetic creme firmness



We simulate the manner in which the consumer evaluates the quality of beauty, health and well-being products such as a skin crème. Tthe consumer wants firmness, richness and silkiness, not runniness, oiliness or stickiness. This measurement can be scientifically analyzed by the cosmetic chemist to control the quality of these products; understand the effects of new ingredients; optimize processes and minimize costs.