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Cheese Firmness Comparison

As consumers’ diets change, for ethical or health reasons (by choice or recommended), food producers are faced with the challenge of meeting the new requirements, whilst often striving to preserve the established texture.

Yogurt texture (in pot comparison)


A processor of meat products was looking for a way to better control its outgoing product. Current methods involve simple visual inspections and are very subjective.

Texture of Cream Cheese

A dairy foods processor wanted a quantifiable, consistent way to detect differences between two cream cheese products.

Yogurt texture (in pot comparison)



Using a computer-controlled texture analyzer we explain how the consumer evaluates the quality of products which are described as rich and creamy and show a back extrusion test method to measure the properties which determine this texture.

Yogurt Cohesiveness



Food Technology Corporation’s Lightweight Perspex Cylinder Probes enable penetration tests to be undertaken up to a maximum force of 500N.