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Fruit crispness/ripeness

Horticulture Research Station wanted a precision penetrometer for hardness testing of different varieties of apple during plant breeding trials. Flexibility for future test configurations were also a requirement.

Penetration apple needle probe



Available in either 1mm or 2mm diameter, the FTC needle probes are used on fruits, vegetables, confectionery, cosmetics and fats.

Penetration apple spherical probe



For determining surface hardness of products such as cheeses, fruits and vegetables, or the fracturability of potato chips, the FTC spherical probe range features precision-engineered stainless steel ball-end probes, and plastic hemispherical probes which replicate squeezing in hand.

Penetration apple cylinder probe



Food Technology Corporation’s range of lightweight stainless steel cylinders are used for accurate measurement when penetrating and puncturing food samples.

Penetration apple conical probe

FTC offers six Perspex and one stainless steel conical probes with angles ranging from 15° to 90°.

Texture of Cream Cheese

A dairy foods processor wanted a quantifiable, consistent way to detect differences between two cream cheese products.