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Elasticity of Chewing Gum



Large food processor was looking for a way to control the texture of two similar confectionery gum products with different recipes. Current methods involved simple sensory testing.

Extensibility Fixture

The TMS dough-gluten fixture enables the extensibility of bread dough to be measured. Wheat dough is highly viscoelastic under tension (combining unrecoverable flow and elasticity) and this behaviour influences the textual and sensory properties of the final bakery product.

Tortilla softness and burst strength

Using a computer-controlled texture analyzer we explain how the consumer evaluates the quality of soft, pliable, elastic bakery products: tortillas, flatbreads, chapattis, rotis, etc. We show a test method to measure the properties which determine the desirable texture – extensibility and rupture resistance. This information can be scientifically analyzed by the bakery producer to control the quality and improve the shelf life of the food, optimizing processes and minimizing costs.