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Grains and snacks

Grains and snacks industry

As with all other foods, the textural properties of grains and snack food is very important. Grains and cereals such as rice, couscous and pasta products are always cooked prior to consumption. Therefore not only the product itself need to be the correct texture, but the preparation instruction that accompany the retail packages need to have the correct details for a quality finished product.

Snack foods are quite often made from grains and cereals and can be quite complex in their textures. Crispness and crunchiness are frequently desired attributes and if they are missing from the consumer’s evaluation then the product is often judged to be of poor quality or stale.

Every major rice processor in North America uses an FTC system of some kind to measure their products consistency.



Test methods for the grains and snacks sector

Since texture measurements on these properties (snapping and fracture) often require the capture of very quickly occurring changes or “high frequency” responses, the unequalled (16,000 pps) data sampling rate of the TMS-Pro system is a major advantage. Since snack food come in an unlimited number of forms, no single test method is suitable for all products. Testing in bulk is also a popular, fast, easy and effective method, allowing large sample sizes, and a smaller number of replications. We offer a modified version of the Kramer Shear cell (the Model CS-2) that has thinner blades and smaller grid openings to accommodate the size of smaller grains and cereals.


Bulk analysisRice Bulk Analysis

Typically the peak or maximum force incurred during the test is used. The sample is simply loaded by volume or weight and the results are available in seconds. Kramer Shear testing has been proven many times that its results give excellent correlation to sensor panel interpretations of texture.

  • • White and brown rice comparison
  • • Pasta firmness
  • • Hardness of pretzels


CompressionGrains and snacks Compression

Compression, and the subsequent retraction of the platen enables firmness and stickiness to be evaluated. Cooking may release starches which cause adhesive properties.

  • Pasta firmness to evaluate cooking time recommendations
  • Whole-wheat pasta softness comparison
  • Pasta stickiness


Penetration and punctureGrains and snackspenetration

This technique can be used for hardness testing of many snack foods from cookies to potato chips. The probe is typically inserted into the product until it fractures or breaks through.

  • Snack crispness
  • Resistance to damage in transit to evaluate packaging



Snap, bend and breakGrains and snacks snap, bend and break

Snapping and breaking also tests the crispness of brittle, crunchy foods. The peak force is measured along with the distance between contact with the sample and the point of fracture, should bend occur initially. This is useful to compare fresh and stale products.

  • Snack staling evaluation
  • Hardness and crispness analysis

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Ahmed N. Alajaji, Aljazirah Dates and Food, Saudi Arabia

As a Meat Scientist and program leader for the University of Nevada, Reno, I need to ensure that equipment I use in my lab is reliable, durable, versatile, and accurate. For texture analysis of meats, there are many systems available in the market. Over the last 15 years of my career, I¹ve worked with many of them and had great and bad experiences with different brands.

Last year, I decided to try a different system for my lab, the TMS-Pro Texture Analyzer from Food Technology Corporation. The system has all the attributes I was expecting to conduct texture and shear force analysis in a quick and not complicated way. The customer support provided by them is outstanding and their technicians are always ready to walk me through new procedures and initial set up. If you are looking for a reliable system for food texture analysis and special customer service, the TMS-Pro is the system to go for and the Food Technology Corporation is the one that can deliver the support.

Amilton de Mello
Assistant Professor of Agriculture, Meat Science and Food Safety

I have been working with FTC for the past 3 years, we bought in that lapse of time 2 texture analyzers with different probes fixtures for all kind of applications at our Monterrey Plant. We have always been able to count on the technical support of FTC who kindly answers our requests in a prompt manner and with the best disposition.

As we continue developing our process to achieve better results at our company, we will for sure rely on FTC for technical support and equipment upgrades that will deliver us the best possible results.

Claudia Rojas, Hershey Monterrey Plant - Mexico
Asst. Staff Scientist