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Industry Papers

As a leading manufacturer of texture analyzers Food Technology Corporation has a range of experience in the testing of texture in food and other products highlighted in our application case studies.  In addition food scientists use our TMS-Pro and other texture analyzer products in their academic studies.

This list references some examples of academic papers where the use FTC texture analyzers are cited, with links to where you can obtain the abstracts and full text of the articles.

We will be continuing to add new material to this section, so please visit on a regular basis. 

Note:  FTC cannot supply copies of the externally authored papers due to copyright law


The Benefits of Texture Analysis in Food Production, Food Production Daily, September 2015

Texture in Food Production, International Labmate, January 2014.


Force and torque testing for quality assurance across the cosmetics industry, Cosmetics Business, May 2017

Adhesives & Films

LI Bin, LIU Fei, LI Sheng-Le et al. (2011) Physical properties of blended film with whey protein isolate and casein phosphopeptide. Food Science, 2011, 32(3), 1-5. Click here for details


Fang Wang, Xiaoying Zhang, Jie Luo, Huiyuan Guo, Dteve S. Zeng & Fazheng Ren. (2011). Effect of proteolysis and calcium equilibrium on functional properties of natural cheddar cheese during ripening and the resultant processed cheese. Journal of Food Science, 76 (3), E248–E253, April 2011. Click here for details

Meats and Fish

Eastridge J. S. & Bowker B. C. (2011). Effect of rapid thawing on the meat quality attributes of USDA select beef strip loin steaks. Journal of Food Science, 76 (2), S156–S162, March 2011. Click here for details

CHEN Jie, NI Xue-Wen, JIANG Fa-Tang. Separate Effects of Konjac Glucomannan and Konjac Superabsorbent Polymer on Physical Properties of Recombinant Poultry Hams [J]. FOOD SCIENCE, 2010, 31(13): 36-39. Click here for details

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Chao Zhou, Daichao Cui, Yuan Zhang, Huiyan Yuan & Tianyuan. (2011). Preparation and characterization of ketoprofen-loaded microspheres for embolization. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 22, Online, 2011. Click here for details