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Our shear testing capabilities

Almond Shear Resistance Testing by Knife Edge Cut Method

The Large Knife Edge can be used to apply a precision force to any number of small samples. It is designed to replicate the force a cutting utensil or tooth applies to a food product. It is particularly useful for small particulate product such as nuts.

This specific test was on different varieties of almonds. Depending on the variation, the samples could behave differently during further processing or consumption.

Asparagus Firmness Testing by Blade Shear Method

Firmness of asparagus is often related to the amount of force that it takes to bite or cut through a single stalk of the product. The fibrous property of the vegetable contributes to this measurement. To test this application using a texture analyzer, a shear test is the most appropriate.

Pickle Crunchiness Testing by Single Blade Shear Method

A single blade shear can be used any number of different products that are consumed by biting with the front incisors.

The blade mimics this cutting motion. Measuring the crunchiness of pickles is an example of an application to which this method would apply. After the samples equilibrate to ambient temperature, a single piece is placed on the fixture table.

Licorice Firmness Testing by Large Knife Shear Method

Where certain confection products fall on the hardness/softness scale can be a key indicator of quality. This is especially true when comparing texture variations of the same product. Due to changes in raw ingredients, formulation and processing methods are often adjusted in order produce a product that has a consistent desirable texture.