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Our tension testing capabilities

Flatbread Burst Strength Testing by Extensibility in Tension Method

The resistance to bursting or tearing under force is an important quality characteristic in products such tortillas or flatbreads. By using the extensibility fixture and a penetration probe, we can replicate the normal function of a flatbread - containing vegetables, meats, sauces, etc.

The extensibility fixture allows the flatbread to be held while the texture analyzer punctures through each sample in a consistent manner.

Bread Dough Extensibility Testing by Tension Method

Extensibility of dough is one of the most important physical characteristics that it has. In more basic terms, extensibility refers to the products ability to stretch without breaking.

To measure this property, the TMS Dough-Gluten Extensibility Fixture is used. First samples are prepared by using the press to cut sample strips of the dough.

Pasta Stickiness Testing by Compression Method

The stickiness of pasta caused by its starch content is one of primary texture characteristics. Using a simple compression test, one is able to measure the stickiness of a single piece of pasta.
Most compression test measure the maximum force incurred during the test. To test stickiness, a known force is applied to the product. The compression plate then moves upward.

Tortilla Tear Strength Testing by Penetration Method

For products such as flour or corn tortillas, the resistance to tearing or breaking under stress is very important. These products are generally used to contain other products such as meat, cheese, and sauce while not tearing.