TMS-Pilot texture analyzer

Flexible, portable and affordable

TMS-Pilot is an affordable texture analyzer for applications up to 1000 Newtons

Designed exclusively for customers who desire an easy-to-operate, portable texture analyzer, the TMS-Pilot by Food Technology Corporation (FTC) is an affordable alternative for determining a variety of food texture characteristics.

FTC has proven to have the most dependable, accurate and trouble-free systems for measuring texture within the food industry for over 50 years.

Easy to use

Operated via an intuitive touch screen interface, the TMS-Pilot requires minimal operator training.

Tests are performed at the touch of an icon and programs can be saved as 'favorites' on the main screen for instant accessibility, using the TL-Touch software.

With a plug and play design, the TMS-Pilot has a simple set up, allows loadcells to be interchanged in seconds and accepts the majority of FTC's probes and fixtures.

Versatile and affordable

Designed with the budget-conscious in mind, the TMS-Pilot has the capabilities needed to perform basic texture testing of most food products, including: bakery, cereals, confections, snacks, dairy, fruits and vegetables, meats, gels and more.

TMS-Pilot accepts many fixtures for simple texture analysis


  • LCD touch screen interface
  • Plug & Play design
  • Password protected log-in
  • Customization of reports
  • Unlimited storage of test methods
  • Flexible use of probes, fixtures and loadcells


  • Load Range
    ±500 N (110 lbf / 50 kgf)
  • Load Accuracy
    0.1% of full scale for load cells from 2 - 500 N
  • Intelligent Digital Loadcells
    2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 N (0.45 – 110 lbf)
  • Speed Range
    1 - 500 mm/min (0.04-19.5"/min)
  • Speed Accuracy
    ±0.1% of set speed
  • Speed Resolution
    1 mm/min (0.04 in/min)
  • Displacement Accuracy
    ±0.13 mm (0.0005") over full travel
  • Displacement Resolution
    0.01 mm (0.0004")
  • Crosshead Travel
    300 mm (11.8"), without fixtures
  • Data Acquisition Rate
    Selectable (1000, 500, 100, 50, 10 Hz)
  • Data Sampling Rate
    16 kHz
  • Power Supply
    110/230 V AC, 60/50 Hz
  • Weight
    19.2 kg (42.3 lbs)

Standard Equipment

Supplied with: Fixture table (432-043), T-slot mounting base, TL-Touch software, cables and manuals.

Trusted by customers across the world

Our experience with FTC has been more than satisfactory, not only for the quality of the equipment you’ve got but for the post selling service that has proved to be excellent.

Any problem that we had, it took nothing more than a simple mail or phone call to have your immediate answer. We want to thank you very much for the quality of service provided.



Gonzalo Moraes, Arrozur S.A. Montevideo – Uruguay

Nestle purchased a texture system from Food Technology Corporation in 2006. Since then I have recommended the texture system to several vendors in North and Central America. Staff at FTC was able to develop a simple training manual and procedure for the texture system allowing easy training in short period of time.

From purchasing of equipment through to installation and start-up, the level of personal care and service was remarkable. Shirl Lakeway and his staff at Food Technology Corporation are patient and understanding, and are always at our disposal for any assistance. Since we bought the equipment we have had no problems and feel very secure knowing that we can count on FTC for their support and service.

Dr Mawele Shamaila, Nestle - USA

I have been using the TMS-Pro mechanical tester in our undergraduate biological materials property course for the past 3 years. The simple setup and operation of the TMS-Pro allows my students to focus on learning the theoretical underpinnings of mechanical properties instead of fighting with a finicky test system.

An added bonus is working with Shirl and his amazing team at Food Technology Corporation. They respond almost immediately to questions and inquiries and are always friendly and helpful. 

Jennifer (Melander) Keshwani, Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln