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Food Technology Corporation has demonstrated the benefit of a scientific, yet practical,
approach to texture analysis since 1966.

FTC solutions are trusted by the most successful brands in the food supply and processing industries, where the quality control and assurance value of measuring texture are significant. The same is true for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products in which sensory characteristics are important consumer acceptance criteria. We work with education and research facilities to develop testing methods that further the understanding of how the measurement and correlation of physical texture attributes influence desired product characteristics.

Our texture analyzers offer unrivalled value for money and a 2 year warranty, to set you on the path to consistent quality with confidence.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs, or find a local distributor to arrange a demonstration.

Texture: If you don’t measure it, you can’t control it!

What our customers say about us

At the University of Saskatchewan, we are the proud owners of three generations of Food Technology Corporation texture equipment, all of which are still in working condition. We are looking forward to future innovations from FTC.
Phyllis J. Shand, University of Saskatchewan - Canada
FTC worked with Great Lakes Cheese to trial a texture analyzer. Michele Sink and Drew Lambert were more than accommodating in helping us. I liked that the setup of the analyzer and programs could be done over the phone with help. I wasn’t left on my own to figure it out. Drew was always available for support and patient in answering questions.
Patty Hoffsommer - QA Manager, Great Lakes Cheese Co.
Nestle purchased a texture system from Food Technology Corporation in 2006. Since then I have recommended the texture system to several vendors in North and Central America. Staff at FTC was able to develop a simple training manual and procedure for the texture system allowing easy training in short period of time. From purchasing of equipment through to installation and start-up, the level of personal care and service was remarkable. Shirl Lakeway and his staff at Food Technology Corporation are patient and understanding, and are always at our disposal for any assistance. Since we bought the equipment we have had no problems and feel very secure knowing that we can count on FTC for their support and service.
Dr Mawele Shamaila, Nestle - USA
Excellent customer service. Consistently followed up and offered help without asking. Relatively low priced - provides good value. Easy to switch different load cells. Used it for 5 lab sessions for 68 students this semester and performed well.
Professor Jeyam Subbiah, University of Nebraska
My first contact with FTC was through buying texture analyzer equipment as my area of interest is Rheology. We faced a problem operating the appliance. The company tried hard to help us through the internet, but the University thought it was better to send me to the company branch located in England. I received a highly advanced training course for 10 days free of charge. They provided me with programs that operate the equipment along with the information needed. It was a great effort and outstanding support. I would like to thank Shirl Lakeway and FTC for providing me with this opportunity and for his continuous help. Finally, I encourage researchers who are interested in the physical properties of foods and dairy to choose FTC as it is a respectable and dependable company and offers the best deals concerning prices and training with different languages, such as Arabic for the Middle East.
Professor Hoda El-Zeini , Faculty of Agriculture, Dairy Department, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt
Our experience with FTC has been more than satisfactory, not only for the quality of the equipment you’ve got but for the post selling service that has proved to be excellent. Any problem that we had, it took nothing more than a simple mail or phone call to have your immediate answer. We want to thank you very much for the quality of service provided.
Gonzalo Moraes, ARROZUR S.A. Montevideo – Uruguay
Service, equipment and people are all first class with Food Technology Corporation. Questions and problems are handled quickly, which is something that is hard to find in today’s business environment.
Ahmed N. Alajaji, Aljazirah Dates & Foods - Saudi Arabia
I have been working with FTC for the past 3 years, we bought in that lapse of time 2 texture analyzers with different probes fixtures for all kind of applications at our Monterrey Plant. We have always been able to count on the technical support of FTC who kindly answers our requests in a prompt manner and with the best disposition. As we continue developing our process to achieve better results at our company, we will for sure rely on FTC for technical support and equipment upgrades that will deliver us the best possible results.
Claudia Rojas - Asst. Staff Scientist, Hershey Monterrey Plant - Mexico
I have found FTC to be an excellent partner for our company. In particular, it has been especially gratifying to work with Shirl Lakeway. Both creative and accommodating, he worked very hard with us to develop our projects. I appreciate his commitment to our joint efforts and his open-minded approach. He and FTC have been exceptionally helpful.
Steve Antonius, Del Monte Foods
I have been using the TMS-Pro mechanical tester in our undergraduate biological materials property course for the past 3 years. The simple setup and operation of the TMS-Pro allows my students to focus on learning the theoretical underpinnings of mechanical properties instead of fighting with a finicky test system. An added bonus is working with Shirl and his amazing team at Food Technology Corporation. They respond almost immediately to questions and inquiries and are always friendly and helpful.
Jennifer (Melander) Keshwani, Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Service, equipment and people are all first class with Food Technology Corporation. Questions and problems are handled quickly, which is something that is hard to find in today’s business environment.
David Smith, Riviana Foods Inc