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Food Technology Corporation (FTC) - Solutions for results you can trust

Since 1966 Food Technology Corporation (FTC) has been designing reliable texture measurement testing solutions for quality control, so our customers around the world can achieve consistent and accurate test results, every time.

Our customer focus means we understand the needs and challenges of our customers. Operating under strict quality standards FTC products are used for texture measurement and analysis across wide range of industries.

OmniTest twin-column 10, 25 and 50 kN materials and universal tester by Mecmesin
Product image of MultiTest-dV motorised force tester with Advanced Force Gauge for tension and compression testing by Mecmesin
ABC-t automated bottle closure testing system product shot with yellow bottles

From the food technology laboratories to pharmaceutical production lines our customers rely on FTC products to ensure:

  • product quality
  • cost savings
  • optimised development
  • optimum performance
  • efficient production
  • minimum wastage
  • conformance to standards

FTC provide high quality testing solutions, that deliver outstanding performance and longevity, as well as an affordable alternative to many higher priced systems on the market.

This enables businesses, small and large, to perform texture quality testing on their products, without compromising on precision or accuracy.

A global company

FTC is a part of the Physical Properties Testing (PPT) group, a multi-national holding company.

FTC is an international company with group headquarters in Virginia, USA. We also have European headquarters in the United Kingdom, as well as offices in France, Germany, China and Thailand.

Additionally, FTC is represented by a global network of exclusive distributors, providing customers with local technical expertise, training, application and after-sales support.


Committed to customer satisfaction

We understand our customers, having designed and manufactured texture analysis equipment to meet their needs for over 50 years.

FTC has worked with over 50,000 customers to develop test solutions that work for them.

Explore our testimonials and case studies for your industry find out how we can help you.

Delivering engineering excellence

For more than 50 years the name FTC has stood for reliability, precision and innovation.

FTC design and offer products to suit a wide range of test applications and budgets, from sophisticated software-controlled texture analyzers, through to customised textyre testing fixtures and accessories.

We also develop our own testing software. For example, VectorPro MT is our state-of-the-art, icon-driven materials testing software is designed for ease-of-use and faster, more intuitive testing.

Worldwide technical support

Our sales, engineering and technical support teams are committed to providing the highest level of customer service.

Backed up by a fully trained international distributor network, wherever you are located in the world, you can be sure of getting the best advice before you buy and during the many years of use you will enjoy with FTC products.

Expert application support

Whatever you need to test, we can help!

Our technical sales engineers and distributors have experience of a wide variety of test applications and industries and offer expert advice to help you select, configure and install the right equipment to meet your application requirements.

As well as providing application support for our standard product range, however versatile, we also design and develop bespoke force, materials and torque test solutions for specialised applications.

Our engineers can design an build solutions to your exact requirements, from bespoke grips and fixtures through to fully automated test systems.

Worldwide training

All FTC testing instruments and systems have comprehensive operating manuals and support documentation available to download, so you can start testing immediately.

Our technical sales engineers and customer support teams are here to give you a helping hand to get started or even a refresher training session.

FTC, along with our network of international distributors, provides installation and application specific training packages to suit all needs.

Training and support can be delivered onsite at your facility or online. 

We are here to support you and help you get the best from your equipment.

Calibration and repair

For calibration and repair of our instruments and test systems, we have an extensive support network of FTC service centres to assist you at all times.

Operated by our team of trained distributors and our own regional offices, you can be sure of prompt and efficient service to keep your FTC equipment in top-class condition.



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