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Compared to other food sectors, the confectionery industry is a unique and diverse sector, in that it involves a wide range of textures.

Texture descriptions form an important part of product promotion e.g soft, chewy, smooth, and crunchy.  Customers expect products that deliver on texture as well as taste.

The confectionery industry is extremely competitive and unique and interesting textural properties are often critical for the success of products.  For example, the introduction of innovative shapes e.g. clusters, products that deliver on multiple textures in one bite, and the development of lower sugar confectionery.

A wide range of ingredients is used in confectionery manufacture, from starches and sugar to chocolate and gels.  Getting the texture consistency right can, however, be a challenge when combining different ingredients and altering production methods to optimise the quality of new products.

Continual innovation in this sector increased the risks of products failing quality standards or not selling as expected, critical when consumers have such a wide choice of products.

Mecmesin products are used to precisely quantify the textural characteristics of confectionery, improve mouthfeel, and enhance a consumer's eating experience, from smoother cream-filled sweets, springer marshmallows to cruncher chocolate bars...

As well as texture our versatile products can also be used to control the quality of confectionery packaging e.g. measuring seal strength and tear resistance properties.

We also have a range of fixtures, designed exclusively for the confectionery ingredient testing including gelatine bloom strength measurement.

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