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Cosmetic product quality is often judged by the consumer's sensory experience through texture, visual appearance and odour.

The global beauty industry is very competitive and customers have a wide range of products at different price points to choose from. Innovation is a key driver for product differentiation e.g. trends in the development of anti-aging formulations; male skincare; environmentally-friendly and personalised products tailored to individual factors, such as ethnicity, climate, and lifestyle.

It can take over 5 years of research to bring a new product to market. Sensory analysis is a key part of this R&D process.

Many products are applied to the skin and the texture characteristics during application and the feel of the product on the skin are important factors in customer acceptance.

Chemists in the cosmetics, personal care, and toiletries sector are constantly challenged to meet consistent physical texture expectations.

In much the same way as food is analysed for its texture characteristics, the performance and quality of cosmetics can be objectively tested.

Data obtained from products, subjectively tested as meeting the right customer expectations for 'touch-and-feel', can be measured using a computerised mechanical texture analyser.

Analysis of the way in which different types of cosmetics respond to the tests provide the manufacturer with vital information. For example which combination of ingredients is ideal; which processing method/time produce the best results and whether the quality of the product is consistent and reliable.

Quantifiying the results with a texture analyser, removes the subjective element during testing and delivers reliable and accurate and repeatable results, important in new product development.

Benefit from the universal functionality of a Mecmesin texture analyser.  Combine with different fixtures to test cosmetic packaging and applicators.

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