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Dairy products have a variety of physical properties as they are made from complex microstructures of protein and fat.

From the raw ingredients, though manufacturing procedures and post-manufacturing processes, the physical structure of dairy products can change as well as the subjective sensory properties consumers use to evaluate product quality.

The measurement of texture (from butter spreadability to curd firmness) is paramount in modern dairy, helping food technologists assess engineering performance and sensory quality throughout the manufacturing process.

A manufacturer must be able to guarantee the consistency of their product, when used in prepared foods, in order to maintain a good quality end product.

Healthier alternatives must also retain familiar mouthfeel to that of their counterparts in order to convert consumers to the new product.

Consumers will often use descriptions such as creaminess, softness, thickness, stickiness, and chewiness, as a measure of their perception.

These sensory terms can be translated to physical and functional characteristics using one or a combination of test methods such as bulk analysis, compression, extrusion (back extrusion), penetration/multiple point penetration or puncture, and shear.

We can help you develop testing solutions to measure and control these characteristics.

Benefit from the universal functionality of a Mecmesin texture analyser.  Combine with different fixtures to test dairy packaging as well as food products and ingredients.

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