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TMS small sample holder

 TMS small sample holder	The Small Sample Holder has been designed to accommodate spherical or irregular samples. Three sizes of holding plate are supplied which are fitted above and below samples, maximizing test flexibility. The small sample holder is a must for clumsy puncture tests where it is difficult to hold individual samples.

Three sets of top and bottom plates are supplied with 5mm, 10mm and 15mm apertures to maximise test flexibility. These plates are positioned above and below the sample in order to firmly hold it in place ready for testing. Plates can be easily interchanged using a unique hinge mechanism allowing quick set-up of test measurements.

 TMS small sample holder

Compression springs provide support to the top plate and enable users to finely adjust its position to prevent pre-test damage to samples.



  • Puncture and penetration tests of small foods such as small berries and jelly sweets
  • Puncture and penetration tests of larger food products such as whole eggs, fruits such as plums, and confectionery bars


Contents and summary


Part Number Description
Specialist jig for spherical and small irregular samples. Unique hinged top plates for maximum test flexibility and access during test configuration.
  • TMS Small Sample holder base with set screws
  • Three bottom plates, one solid, two with holes for product
  • Three hinged top plates
  • Four thumb screws and springs for securing the plates
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