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Wedge grips

Wedge gripsWe offer a choice of specialty grips for securely locating samples under tension that are in the form of thin films or wires, strands and filaments, ideal for testing meats to chewing gum.

The large size are rated up to 5 kN with the ability to grip samples up to 10 mm thick.

The smaller sized grips are rated to 500 N, with a jaw capacity of 5 mm.

Wedge grips



  • Tensile strength, yield point of elongated or narrow sheet-like samples
  • Elastic, yield characteristics of gum, soft confectionery


Contents and summary

Part Number Description

Wedge Grip (Large), 5 kN, 5-16 UNC

Heavy duty wedge grips used to hold sheeted samples up to 10 mm thick with a maximum width of 30mm.

Ideal for reconstituted meats, confectionary, pastry etc.

Rated to 5 kN.


Wedge Grip (Small), 500 N, 10-32 UNF

Light duty wedge grips used to hold sheeted samples up to 5 mm thick with a maximum width of 15mm.

Ideal for chewing gum, confectionary fibres, meats etc.

Rated to 500 N.


Please use with safety goggles or eye protection. 

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