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Texture is a primary consideration in determining the eating quality of fish, meat, meat-free protein alternatives and their processed derivatives.

For example, from a manufacturer’s perspective, this could be the effect of an ingredient e.g. a processed ham producer adding water to his product and wanting to quantify the maximum level of added H2O acceptable to the consumer.

From a customer’s perspective, this could be the integrity of the reformed ham when eaten.

From farm/ocean to plate texture analysis is used to objectively measure the quality of fish, seafood and meat products e.g. the effect of aging on meat tenderness and the muscle profile of fish to indicate fat content.

Other applications include the slicing/tearing properties of processed meat products, the consistency of pates and pastes, the elasticity of fish gels, firmness of seafood, and the effect of marinades on meats etc.

Global consumption of meat and fish has increased significantly over the last 50 years but there is also a trend towards the consumption of meat substitutes.  

Meat substitutes are consumed primarily by vegetarian and vegan consumers seeking more healthy, cholesterol-free, sustainable, and ethical alternatives to meat, but also by flexitarians (people who mostly eat plant-based food and consume meat, fish, and poultry occasionally). 

Food scientists are developing plant-based meat & fish alternatives that have a similar mouthfeel and taste to meat, mimicking the fibrous qualities found in animal protein.  These are often made of products such as soy, gluten, and Quorn but manufacturers are also using other ingredients e.g. pea proteins.

Whether in an R&D laboratory, a field, or a manufacturing facility our products are the ideal solution to quantify the textural characteristics of fish, meat and plant-based alternatives. 

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