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Pharmaceutical (and nutraceutical) products that are ingested or applied topically can be assessed for quality, efficacy and customer acceptance using texture analysis.

Medications that are chewed, crushed, broken apart or dissolved are required to break down easily, to aid delivery, ingestion or dosage.

Tablets, pills and capsules must also be resilient enough to withstand transport, handling and packaging without breaking.

The impact of changes to formulations to meet desired oral administration characteristics can be evaluated through texture analysis. Delivering preferable sensory qualities is a major benefit in these products, as consumers can have an aversion to taking medications.

Lotions, ointments, creams and powers that involve skin contact are similar to cosmetics in terms of functional application - flow, spreadability, absorption rate and easy of delivery.

Texture affects finger feel where smoothness and the degree of oiliness will influence customer preference.

Dispensing from, or opening, a container easily is also important for medical and health products. Mecmesin develop a comprehensive range of test solutions for consumer packaging of pharmaceutical and medical applications.

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