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Hydraulic texture measurement system

T-2000 Texture Measurement System - Hydraulic

An easy to use texture profile analysis system, with hydraulic pressure and stroke speed controls, as well as integral calculation.

The T-2000 utilizes the proven Kramer Shear press measurement technique for texture testing in production, quality control or research and development.

Example applications



The T-2000 texture analysis system is supplied as standard with:

  • TP-6 Ultra Quiet
  • TG-4E-I Texture Gauge
  • CS-1 Test Cell
  • Variable speed and pressure texture press
  • RS232 port with software
  • FTA Loadcell (choice of capacities)

Variable 0 - 30 inch/min or 0 - 75 cm/min

Stroke distance

3.5 inches / 8.9 cm

Maximum force

3,000 lbf / 1,363 kgf

Display units

Pound (lbf) of force, Newtons (kgf), or Tenderometer Units (integral display inch/pounds or Joules)

Data output

RS232 serial


19 x 20 x 34 inches (48 x 51 x 86 cm)


125 lbs (56kg)

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