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TM-2 Texture Press
Food texture measurement system

TM-2 Texture press

The TM-2 is easy to operate with minimal training and maintenance free.

By design the TM-2 is sealed against moisture, so it can be used on the plant floor and integrated in to your production line.

Example applications


The TM-2 texture measurement system is the latest evolution of the legendary Kramer Shear Press.

It is incredible easy to use and maintenance free. Simply load the test call and push one button to set the system to cycle through the test. 

The integrated display provides the Peak Force result during the test and, optionally, can automatically calculate the 'area under the curve' or work performed on the sample.

The TM-2 can be set to read in metric or imperial units. Powered by a hydraulic press the TM-2 texture measurement system is capable of generating upto 3,000 pounds (13,000 Newtons) of force in compression or tension for harder produce.

Compatible with the full range of texture analyzer test and load cells, the TM-2 is versatile as well as rugged.


Supplied with:

  • TX Splash-proof Texture Press
  • TG-4E texture guage
  • FTA Loadcell (user specified range)
  • CS-1 Test Cell and Operating Manual

The TM-2 can be factory set to display results in Imperial or Metric units.

The TM-2 texture measurement system is an upgraded replacement for the previous TM-DX texture analyzer.

Key specifications

Stroke speed

Factory preset to your specification (30 seconds default)

Maximum force

3,000 lbs (13,000 Newtons)

Display units

Either Lbs of force or metric (SI) units

Electrical supply


120V/60 Hz or 240V/50 Hz

Fuse rating

10A (T) 20mm x 5mm cartridge fuse, IP67 rated panel mounted fuse holder

Generator (for portable use)

3 kVa minimum


Height, Width, Depth

915 mm (36"), 610 mm (24"), 610 mm (24")


73 kg (160 lb). A stable workbench able to support the system must be used.


Operating temperature

5 °C to 40 °C

Relative humidity

30% - 80%, non-condensing

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