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Precision texture analyzer

FTC TMS-Pilot precision texture analyzer

Designed for customers that need an easy-to-operate portable texture analyzer.

The TMS-Pilot is a versatile and affordable food texture measurement system.

Texture Labs software

Easy-to-use software with almost limitless freedom to design and customise tension and compression tests to suit your needs. Developed by Food Technology Corporation (FTC) in close collaboration with our customers, Texture Labs texture analysis software is now trusted by over 5,000 companies for the detailed testing and evaluation of their products.

Create simple tests for the production line and more complex laboratory tests to prove food texture characteristics are met.

Key features


Intuitive user interface

Build test routines step by step

Favourite one-touch tests


Real-time graph plotting

Display measured and calculated values

Clear pass/fail indication


Standard and customisable templates

Print results to Adobe PDF format

Export results to Excel and SPC packages

Trusted by over 5,000 customers worldwide

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Example applications


Designed specifically for quick and easy texture assessments, the TMS-Pilot provides an affordable solution for texture analysis up to 500 N.

Compact, rugged and portable, the motorised TMS-Pilot texture analyzer ensures reliable and repeatable test results.

Use the TMS-Pilot to quickly determine the textural properties of bakery products, cereals, confectionery, snacks, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, as well as non-food products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many more.

The TMS-Pilot requires minimum operator training. Supplied with FTC's powerful TL-Pro texture testing software, tests can determine consistent standards within the raw or finished product and programs can be saved for instant recall.

The TMS-Pilot can accommodate a range of probes and fixtures (sold separately). Just choose from a range of ‘Plug and Play’ loadcells (sold separately) and start testing your products.


  • Robust bench-top machine – portable and easy to move around
  • Easy-to-use with minimal training – one touch to start test
  • Integrated bellows – protect against ingress
  • Extensive range of probes & fixtures – flexible and versatile
  • ‘Plug and Play’ loadcells – quick and easy to interchange
  • Password protected login – identifies operator for full traceability
  • Unlimted storage of test methods – minimises set-up time
  • Customised test reports – tailor reports of results to your needs



Maximum Load Rating in tension or compression

500 N (110 lbf)

Load Accuracy

±0.1% of full scale for loadcells from 2 – 500 N


Intelligent digital loadcells, changeable by the user in seconds

Loadcell Capacities Available

2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 N (0.45 – 112 lbf)


Speed Range

1 – 500 mm/min (0.04 – 19.5 in/min)

Speed Accuracy

± 0.1% of set speed

Speed Resolution

1 mm/min (0.04 in/min)


Displacement Accuracy

±0.13 mm

Displacement Resolution

0.01 mm (0.0004”)

Maximum Travel

300 mm (12”)


Data Acquisition Rate

Selectable from 1000, 500, 100, 50, 10 Hz

Internal Sampling Rate

16 kHz

Power Supply

110V/230V ac, 60/50 Hz


19.2 kg (42.3 lbs)

Operating Temperature

10ºC – 35ºC (50ºF – 95ºF)

Humidity Range

Normal industry and laboratory conditions, non-condensing

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