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TU-12 Tenderometer
Portable pea tenderometer

TU-12 portable pea tenderometer - determine the maturity of fresh peas in the field

A portable and economical solution for determining the maturity of fresh peas in the field.

Calibrated read out in 'Tenderometer Units' (TUs), operable from a 12V DC power source.

Can be used free standing or mounted directly to a harvester with a 'hard mount' kit.

Example applications


Designed exclusively for peas, TU-12 Tenderometer is a portable and economical field alternative for determining maturity in fresh pease.

Our systems have proven to be the most dependable, accurate and trouble-free solutions for grading pea quality.

Measure pea crop maturity in the field with accuracy and ease

Simply load the sample and press 'Start'. The tenderometer provides an easy to read digital display directly in traditional Tenderometer Units (TUs), providing instant indication of maturity.

Every tenderometer comes with one button 'Auto Cycle' operation, industry standard CS-1-TU Test Cell, FTA-TU Force Transducer and the computerized TG4-E Texture Gauge.

The TU-12 operates from a 12-volt power source, such as an automotive battery. The tripod legs collapse for ease of transport and are adjustable for operation on the back of a pickup or free standing. A 'hard-mount' kit is also available.

Designed to withstand harsh field use with a minimum of maintenance, the TU-12 is easy to operate and requires almost no training.

Our tenderometer systems have been in continuous operation in production environments for over 40 years.

Processors across the world use our tenderometers to determine harvesting dates, 'Buy on Grade', and positioning harvesters for the most effective crop yield.

With profits at stake, a point or two off that standard can be very costly. Accurate readings can save thousands of dollars a day for a medium to large operation.

We offer yearly calibration services to maintain optimal accuracy.


  • Easy to use
  • Standard features
  • Durable, rugged and reliable
  • Profit and savings

Supplied with

  • TP-12 Texture Press
  • TG-4E Texture Gauge
  • FTA-TU Loadcell
  • CS-1-TU Test Cell
  • Certificate of Calibration

Key specifications



0 - 160 Tenderometer Units



10" length x 10" width x 37" height


35 lbs



Non-continuous 70%

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