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Texture Analysis SolutionsCarrageenan Penetration Strength


  • Industry standard test to calculate Bloom strength for gel concentration grading and rupture
  • Repeatable procedural method using a software-controlled texture analyzer to perform the steps
  • Industry-standard cylinder probe to compress the surface and compare this vegan alternative
  • Measured hardness texture for ingredient qualification and gel comparative performance


A Hydrocolloids manufacturer wanted to measure the functional properties of their gel systems. Results were used during the development of customer blends and quality-based analysis.







Gel strength and functional properties of hydrocolloid gels are critical characteristics of all gelling agents. Ingredients are bought based on their functional performance, compression and penetration analysis, and behaviour in food systems. Vegan and vegetarian alternatives to traditional ingredients are required to behave in a physically-identical manner if equivalent quality is to be achieved once the seaweed-based ingredient is added to the end-product's formulation.







Different grades of carrageenan gel were prepared under standardised conditions for hydration, mixing, heating and setting. The gels were then penetrated to failure and functional performance measured.

  • Calculation of break load and failure properties
  • Increased understanding of gel performance
  • Quality standards set for grades of carrageenan




  • Quality standards established
  • Functional performance of carrageenan gels measured for use in gelled systems
  • Vegan, vegetarian and plant-based formulations have quanitiably similar texture properties
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