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Carrots (Baby) Core Toughness

  • Scientifically-measured data correlated to known sensory results
  • Repeatable test method process developed to benefit from an automatic texture analyzer
  • Precision compression-shear fixture for bulk sample firmness and toughness indication
  • Quantified hardness and chewiness texture for quality acceptance validation


Two frozen samples of carrots with different degrees of toughness were analyzed using the standard shear compression cell (model CS-1) and the texture measurement model T-2000 with a load cell FTA-1000 pounds . The system was set to a speed of 8 inches per minute on a test run of 3.5 inches.

Sample preparation

The frozen samples were thawed in room temperature water. The product was run in two sample sizes:

  1. Five small miniature carrots placed perpendicular to the grids to form a layer of carrots at the bottom of the cell.
  2. Ten small carrots placed perpendicular to the grids form two layers of carrots at the bottom of the cell.


Very significant differences were detected between the two samples in the size of the two samples.

This type of test will allow the processor to measure the texture of the product and classify the carrots according to different types of process, such as cooked or fresh food.

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