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Texture Analysis SolutionsPork pie crust firmness

  • Objective comparison of physical mouthfeel properties to differentiate between alternative cooked pastry formulations
  • Repeatable test method developed using a software-controlled texture analyzer to balance crust texture against the effects of moisture from the filling
  • Precision cylindrical probe to compress and penetrate the pie crusts, simulating slicing and biting the product
  • Quantified hardness and cohesiveness texture attributes correlated perceptions of crustiness, crumbliness and brittleness


Vale of Mowbray has been baking pork pies since 1928. Having traditionally relied on sensory perception, where results are qualitative and could be biased, the company now needed an objective way of measuring the quality and consistency of their cooked and uncooked produce. Pastry crust texture should have the right combination of firmness, crispness and ease of penetration to ensure quality in cutting, biting and mouthfeel.Penetrometry stainless steel cylinder probe compresses the pastry surface locally


The company as supplied with a Food Technology Corporation (FTC) TMS-Pro texture analyzer. This, combined with a Magness-Taylor Probe set, enables Vale of Mowbray to perform various penetration tests and flexural load tests on their cooked and uncooked produce.

A single or double penetration test allows the company to quantify textural, as well as sensory characteristics.

Results and benefits

Subsequent texture tests provide further objective measurements relating to filling consistency, blend development and pastry firmness.

Performing multiple sample tests gives Vale of Mowbray a true picture of product characterisation, thus enabling benchmarking for future sample testing.

The TMS-Pro is a computer-controlled test system, giving the company full programmable control, and the ability to view results and pre-determined calculations graphically on a PC. The Magness Taylor Probe set provides food technologists with a wide range of penetration testing options. The set includes both flat and rounded profiles providing multiple test options. Pastry penetration testing enables ingredient and formulation to be optimizedHighlights


FTC were able to offer us a texture analyser test system, which met with our testing needs.

The range of probes supplied have been extremely useful, as it enables more variations of test to be performed with just the one system.

This has been very useful as our product has 3 different component ingredients, which can be individually analysed using their dedicated test cells provided.

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