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Texture Analysis SolutionsPotato softness grading for salad


  • Objective measurement of the physical bulk properties of potato salad solid ingredient for quality grading
  • Repeatable test method for developing a standard ideal quality reference using a software-controlled texture analyzer
  • Industry-standard compression-shear fixture for bulk sample analysis of overall peak firmess
  • Quantified hardness texture correlated to acceptable range of values between hard and soft



Measuring texture of diced potatoes used in potato salads.





A processor of diced potatoes was relying on inconsistent, subjective sensory results to measure the texture of their product. Therefore, they needed a quantifiable, consistent and repeatable way to measure their product and implement a standardized range of 'ideal' product.




Testing was performed with a TMS-Pro Texture Analyzer, a 2500N load cell and custom-made cylinder extrusion cell (top right picture). The processor sent us 3 products with known texture differences labeled 'soft', 'ideal' and 'hard'. The amount it took to fill the cylinder ¾ full was weighed out and each sample was then made the same size (300 grams). The testing program was written to start with zeroing out load and displacement, running down into the product 85mm at 750mm/min, then returning to its start position. Based on the max force readings, the acceptable range was set from between 1000N and 1500N. Anything above 1500N or below 1000N would not pass as acceptable product.






The TMS-Pro texture analyzer system along with this test method proved to detect the differences among the products, proved to be consistent, repeatable and most importantly, the processor now can use the PASS/FAIL function as a standardization tool.


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