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Texture Analysis SolutionsTortilla Tear Strength


  • Objective process developed to measure the tear resistance and ultimate strength of a flour tortilla to add a quality check into the manufacturing process
  • Repeatable, quick and representative strength and extensibility test method using a software-controlled texture analyzer
  • Industry-specific fixture to grasp and stretch the product under tension and simulate the penetration by a finger
  • Quantified hardness texture correlated to the ideal acceptable mouthfeel softness quality balanced with handling resilience


Resistance to tear testing of tortillasProducer of cornflour tortilla products needed a way to determine the texture and the resistance to tearing their products.

To be considered a good tortilla, the product has to be flexible enough to roll up but strong enough to hold a typically hot filling without tearing. Current methods for testing are very subjective and unreliable. The bakery product manufacturer wanted a way to put firm numbers to the properties of their products to replace historical subjective measurements.




Individual samples to be tested were prepared by cutting 6 square samples from the same tortilla to fit into the testing fixture. All testing was done at room temperature using the TMS-Pro Texture Analyzer. The samples were held in place using a ring clamp (Extensibility Fixture) and punctured through using a 1” inch cylinder probe. The test speed was set to 150mm/min and run to a distance of 35mm. This distance was far enough to have the probe puncture through the sample.



• Simple test to objectively measure the tear strength of tortillasTortilla resistance-to-tear testing data table

• Software facilitates automatic statistical analysis
• Allows customer to put "real" numbers to their subjective data


Tear strength of tortillas graphical results
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