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When a producer understands how consumers view texture then scientific measurement and analysis is possible, along with the ability to deliver consistent quality aligned to desirable properties.

Our texture measurement systems are used in schools, colleges and universities across the world.

Practical texture analysis is valuable in scientific disciplines with an emphasis on lab work and the physical analysis of food or pharmaceutical products.

Academic departments in food science, nutrition or chemistry (that cover food technology and food/nutraceutical/pharmaceutical product design and development) are then able to test physical properties of samples.

Courses covering environmental sustainability, food safety, agriculture, economics and marketing also benefit from these facilities, by understanding the balance between processing, manufacturing and required shelf-life.

Research programs tackling challenges in delivering nutrition, combating poor harvest impact, investigation digestive health issues and optimizing areas of the food supply chain are just some project areas that utilize texture analysis instrumentation.

Our texture analyzers incorporate advanced testing and analysis software, enabling the development of custom test procedures for performing thorough and complex research experiments.

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