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Gels and hydrocolloids such as agar, gelatin, xanthan and guar gum, etc. are widely used in the food, cosmetics/personal care, and medical/pharmaceutical industries.

For example in the food industry, gels are frequently used as a binding agent, whipping agent, thickening, stabilizer and adhesive.

In the cosmetics and personal care industry gels are used in products such as shower & shaving gels, face creams, shampoos & conditioners, foundations, toothpastes, and sunscreens.

Gels and hydrocolloids are also key ingredients in the manufacture of medical and pharmaceutical products e.g. ointments & lubricants, contact lenses, gel capsules, wound dressings and suppositories.

Hydrogel polymers are even used in coronary stents because their consistency resembles living tissue.

Mecmesin texture analyzers are used to precisely quantify textural characteristics such as gel strength, elasticity and rupture force, key to controlling the function and quality of these ingredients.

For example, gelatin (gelatine) manufacturers and end-users use texture analyzers to measure gel strength, a key quality indicator. The industry-standard test method Bloom strength is used to grade the gel concentration, and set the price.

Mecmesin has a range of fixtures, designed exclusively for gel and hydrocolloid testing, conforming to key standards such as ISO 9665, GME and AOAC 1985.

Our versatile products can also be used to test the physical properties of not only traditional packaging materials but also greener alternatives, such as edible film packaging, which is being used as alternatives to protect food products or as surface coatings on food.

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