FTC T-2000 texture press

For a laboratory setting the T-2000 is the right choice. The hydraulic texture profile analysis system is capable of up to 3000 lbs of force, for testing very hard products and large sample sizes. The integral function automatically calculates the 'area under the force/distance curve' or work performed on the sample, the measurement returned in inch-pounds, or Joules.

T-2000 texture press design of analyzer for use in the laboratory


The texture measurement system features adjustable hydraulic pressure and stroke speed as well as integral calculation. The T-2000 comes with the industry standard Model CS-1 Kramer Shear-Compression Test Cell as well as one model FTA Force Transducer.

Transducers, or "load cells", are available in a ±10, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 and 3000 Lbs of force ranges. The T-2000 can accept many of the numerous test cells available from Food Technology and can be delivered to display in metric or imperial measurement units.



  • Speed Variable 0-30 inches/minute or 0-75 cm/minute
  • Stroke distance 3.5 inches / 8.9 cm
  • Maximum force 3000 pounds / 1,363 kgs
  • Display units Pounds of force, Newtons (kgs), or Tenderometer units (Integral display inch/pounds or Joules)
  • Power 120V/60 Hz or 240V/50 Hz
  • Dimensions 19 x 20 x 34 inches / 48 x 51 x 86 cm
  • Weight 125 lbs / 56 kg


Standard Equipment

Supplied with: TP-6 Ultra Quiet, Variable Speed and Pressure Texturepress, TG-4E-I Texturegage with Display in Peak Force and Integral (work), one FTA Load cell (user specified range), CS-1 Test Cell and Operators Manual. Factory set to display results in Metric or Imperial units.

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I have found FTC to be an excellent partner for our company. In particular, it has been especially gratifying to work with Shirl Lakeway. Both creative and accommodating, he worked very hard with us to develop our projects.

I appreciate his commitment to our joint efforts and his open-minded approach. He and FTC have been exceptionally helpful.

Steve Antonius, Del Monte Foods

Excellent customer service. Consistently followed up and offered help without asking. Relatively low priced - provides good value. 

Easy to switch different load cells. Used it for 5 lab sessions for 68 students this semester and performed well.



Professor Jeyam Subbiah, University of Nebraska

As a seasonal vegetable processor, understanding crop maturity and the accuracy of this measurement is key to staying ahead of crop and knowing when to make the move from value to premium product as harvest time constraints permit.

The TU units provided by FTC give us the accuracy to work to much tighter tolerances, replacing older less accurate analogue equipment which in turn can affect final product grading and profitability.

The units are well designed, very low maintenance and are backed up with a strong support service which will allow them to provide many years of accurate, reliable service.

Colven Wilson
Technical Manager