FTC TM-2 Texture press

The TM-2 texture measurement system is the latest evolution of the legendary Kramer Shear Press.

TM-2 Texture Press is a rugged texture analyzer


The design is sealed against moisture so it can be placed right on the plant floor next to the production line. The TM-2 is maintenance free and is incredibly easy to use. Load the test cell and with the push of one button the system cycles through the test and displays the Peak Force results on an integrated display. The optional integral function automatically calculates the 'area under the curve' or work performed on the sample.

The texture gage can be set to read in metric or imperial units and the hydraulic press is capable of generating up to 3000 pounds (13,000 Newtons) of force in compression or tension for harder products. The TM-2 texture analyzer will accept the complete line of FTC test cell and load cells so it is versatile as well as rugged.


SpecificationsTM-2 Texture Press is simple to use in the production environment

  • Stroke speed factory pre-set to your specification
  • Maximum force 3000 lbs
  • Display units Lbs of force or metric (SI) units
  • Power 120V/60 Hz or 240V/50Hz
  • Dimensions 24 x 24 x 36 inches
  • Weight 73 kg / 160 lbs


Standard Equipment



Supplied with: TX Splash proof Texturepress, TG-4E texturegage, One FTA Load cell (user specified range), CS-1 Test Cell and Operators Manual. The system can be factory set to display results in Metric or Imperial units.

NOTE: This system replaces the TM-DX texture analyzer.

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I have found FTC to be an excellent partner for our company. In particular, it has been especially gratifying to work with Shirl Lakeway. Both creative and accommodating, he worked very hard with us to develop our projects.

I appreciate his commitment to our joint efforts and his open-minded approach. He and FTC have been exceptionally helpful.

Steve Antonius, Del Monte Foods

I have been using the TMS-Pro mechanical tester in our undergraduate biological materials property course for the past 3 years. The simple setup and operation of the TMS-Pro allows my students to focus on learning the theoretical underpinnings of mechanical properties instead of fighting with a finicky test system.

An added bonus is working with Shirl and his amazing team at Food Technology Corporation. They respond almost immediately to questions and inquiries and are always friendly and helpful. 

Jennifer (Melander) Keshwani, Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

My first contact with FTC was through buying texture analyzer equipment as my area of interest is Rheology. We faced a problem operating the appliance. The company tried hard to help us through the internet, but the University thought it was better to send me to the company branch located in England. I received a highly advanced training course for 10 days free of charge. They provided me with programs that operate the equipment along with the information needed.

It was a great effort and outstanding support. I would like to thank Shirl Lakeway and FTC for providing me with this opportunity and for his continuous help. Finally, I encourage researchers who are interested in the physical properties of foods and dairy to choose FTC as it is a respectable and dependable company and offers the best deals concerning prices and training with different languages, such as Arabic for the Middle East.

Professor Hoda El-Zeini, Dairy Science and Agriculture University - Cairo, Egypt