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Intelligent loadcells

FTC’s loadcells and force transducers complement the texture analyzer, measuring the forces exerted during the texture test procedure. Selecting the appropriate capacity in relation to the test loads, optimizes accuracy. You will also need to select your loadcell dependent upon the texture analyzer model itself.


Intelligent loadcells

Intelligent loadcells

The range of intelligent load cells (ILS) are designed for use with the TMS texture measurement systems. It is recommended that the capacity of the load cell matches the product tested. Ideally the forces measured should be within 10-90% of the load cells total capacity. The broad spectrum of products tested in a typical food laboratory often requires more than one load cell. To prevent confusion or damage the loadcells are fitted with an automatic recognition feature to warn technologists if a selected test is not compatible with a load cell.

These loadcells are ether standard, or heavy-duty S-beam type.

Force transducers

Force transducersThe FTC force transducer range fit the texture press and tenderometer systems and instruments.

The FTS-TU transducer is specifically calibrated to return values in tenderometer units (TU). Food Technology Corporation annually calibrates the paired CS-1-TU Kramer cell with the FTA-TU transducer for pea tenderness testing with an FTC tenderometer, to produce the TU factor*. This can be used to convert to pounds force and Newtons if required.







Loadcells for TMS Texture Measurement Systems
Max. Force Rating Part No. Description. Type
N Kgf lbf
10 1.02 2.25 879-001-V10 TMS LOAD CELL 10N (1.0kg) Standard Loadcell
25 2.55 5.62 879-002-V10 TMS LOAD CELL 25N (2.5kg) Standard Loadcell
50 5.10 11.24 879-003-V10 TMS LOAD CELL 50N (5.1kg) Standard Loadcell
100 10.20 22.48 879-004-V10 TMS LOAD CELL 100N (10.2kg) Standard Loadcell
250 25.50 56.20 879-005-V10 TMS LOAD CELL 250N (25.5kg) Standard Loadcell
500 51.00 112.40 879-006-V10 TMS LOAD CELL 500N (20.8kg) Standard Loadcell
1000 102.00 224.81 879-007-V10 TMS LOAD CELL 1000N (101.9kg) S-Beam Loadcell
2500 255.00 562.02 879-008-V10 TMS LOAD CELL 2500N (254.9kg) S-Beam Loadcell
Force Transducers for FTC Texture Presses and Tenderometers
N Kgf lbf
133.45 13.61 30 532-201 MODEL FTA-30 FORCE TRANSDUCER +/- 30lbs. Force Transducer
222.41 22.69 50 532-202 MODEL FTA-50 FORCE TRANSDUCER +/- 50lbs. Force Transducer
444.82 45.37 100 532-203 MODEL FTA-100 FORCE TRANSDUCER +/- 100lbs. Force Transducer
1112.06 113.43 250 532-204 MODEL FTA-250 FORCE TRANSDUCER +/- 250lbs. Force Transducer
4448.24 453.72 30 532-205 MODEL FTA-1000 FORCE TRANSDUCER +/- 1000lbs. Force Transducer
13344.72 1361.16 3000 532-206 MODEL FTA-3000 FORCE TRANSDUCER +/- 3000lbs. Force Transducer
*lbf = TU result x TY factor 532-207 MODEL FTA-TU FORCE TRANSDUCER +/- 475 Tenderometer Units Force Transducer

Trusted by customers across the world

Nestle purchased a texture system from Food Technology Corporation in 2006. Since then I have recommended the texture system to several vendors in North and Central America. Staff at FTC was able to develop a simple training manual and procedure for the texture system allowing easy training in short period of time.

From purchasing of equipment through to installation and start-up, the level of personal care and service was remarkable. Shirl Lakeway and his staff at Food Technology Corporation are patient and understanding, and are always at our disposal for any assistance. Since we bought the equipment we have had no problems and feel very secure knowing that we can count on FTC for their support and service.

Dr Mawele Shamaila, Nestle - USA

The University of Arizona’s Nutritional Sciences Food Lab acquired a Texture Analyzer from Food Technologies about 5 years ago. The company has a great product, which is tailored to food needs. 

We have used the Texture Analyzer for both research projects and as a tool to demonstrate to students how food manufacturers can employ objective testing in product evaluation to show how differing ingredients in the same product can affect quality attributes. Its use adds another dimension to the foods labs.

Drew Lambert has been instrumental in helping with set up for testing and providing support whenever there’s a question. He has been a pleasure to work with and is always accommodating with our needs and schedules.  He has even sent us special attachments for special projects.  We couldn’t ask for a better technical support.  Thanks for a great product and great service.

Patricia Sparks, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Practice

As a Meat Scientist and program leader for the University of Nevada, Reno, I need to ensure that equipment I use in my lab is reliable, durable, versatile, and accurate. For texture analysis of meats, there are many systems available in the market. Over the last 15 years of my career, I¹ve worked with many of them and had great and bad experiences with different brands.

Last year, I decided to try a different system for my lab, the TMS-Pro Texture Analyzer from Food Technology Corporation. The system has all the attributes I was expecting to conduct texture and shear force analysis in a quick and not complicated way. The customer support provided by them is outstanding and their technicians are always ready to walk me through new procedures and initial set up. If you are looking for a reliable system for food texture analysis and special customer service, the TMS-Pro is the system to go for and the Food Technology Corporation is the one that can deliver the support.

Amilton de Mello
Assistant Professor of Agriculture, Meat Science and Food Safety